Temporary Tattoos

$ 6.00 $ 4.99

DETAILS: Lovely alternatives to wearing a meaningful word without the full commitment of an actual tattoo.

  • Choose between be still, expectant and courage.
  • All designs are hand-lettered by Abigail Gallagher of Words for a Season.
  • Ingredients: created with high-quality, natural, and safe ink consisting of - acylates/va/vinyl neodecanoate copolymer.


  • Choose a location. Choose an area of skin where you’d like the tattoo. Flat areas that do not fold, stretch or rub against clothing are the best.
  • Clean the skin with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel - let it dry completely.
  • Peel and press. Carefully peel the plastic layer away from the design. Press the sticky side of the tattoo firmly against your skin. Make sure to press down edges too!
  • Wet and remove. Hold a wet paper towel or cloth against the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds, or until paper is fully soaked. The tattoo will then easily peal off and reveal the design!
  • Enjoy! Now it’s time to show off your temporary tattoo.


GIVE BACK:  10% of sales are donated to Dallas DogRRR, who rescues abandoned and abused animals from high kill shelters and off the street.

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