Brass Hexagon Earrings

Brass Hexagon Earrings

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A dreamer is like the bee.  She works hard to make her craft, but she also deposits into others by helping them bloom. She gives more than she takes and even though life can get crazy, her trust is in the Lord.  

Are you a dreamer?  Girl, I got you covered.  Proudly wear (or gift) these hexagon tassel earrings!  They represent dreams, hard work and faith.  The hexagon symbol is found in the formation of the honeycomb and is associated with bees and their cooperative, hardworking nature.  Many say the hexagon symbolizes communication, balance and union.  As dreamers, we represent just that!

My hope is that when you wear these earrings people recognize that you are a part of the hive - the dreamer hive!  


  • Brass
  • Lightweight
  • Handmade in Dallas, Texas