You've Been Assigned

“You’ve been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.”

Around this time last year, my father went through open heart surgery.  I documented the story in my blog post, You Never Know What You're Gonna Get.  At the time, it was hard to see the rock of our family in such a vulnerable state.  He endured a lot of pain; however, we were so thankful that the blockage in his arteries was found in the nick of time. 

I thought we had faced the hardest part of the journey in the hospital, but the true test came the day we brought my dad home.  There were so many restrictions, so many medications and the bulk of the responsibility fell on my mother.  As a family we all joined forces to help in whatever way we could, but it wasn’t easy.  My dad couldn’t work of course, so he was on leave from his primary job. However, in addition to his full-time job, my dad also owns a landscaping business.  Due to his recovery, my husband and nephews were now in charge of fulfilling the responsibilities to keep his business going.

It was hard for him to hand over his business – even if temporarily.  He loves what he does.  It’s hard work, but he loves it.  As I witnessed him watching from inside the house, I could see he was heartbroken.  A moment of weakness, where my independent father was now dependent of so many people, came a discouraging season. 

He became a stranger as the days passed by.  His cheerful attitude was now replaced by a quiet and downcast spirit.  As his daughter, it broke my heart.  I could see that he so badly wanted to get well and get back to his normal routine, but it was completely out of his control.  He had to allow his body and heart to heal.  It took time.  Lots of time.

I thank God that he didn’t stay in the valley of despair.  He eventually accepted the situation and chose to not lean on his own understanding, but trust God through the storm. 

And wow, did he show us, that even in his sixties, he is a very strong man, both physically, mentally and spiritually!  He did not let anything stop him.  He went the extra mile to not only regain his physical strength, but he proved to me why he is my hero.  He didn’t give up or give in to discouragement.  He knew that God had a bigger plan and purpose.

You can now find him working 40 plus hours a week, working Saturdays at his landscaping business, arriving early to serve at our church on Sunday mornings and being available for his family at a drop of a hat.  Where does he get this energy?  

I’ve learned that we all have mountains in our life.  Sometimes God will move those mountains, but sometimes we must climb them.  We can look around and see that there are angels among us in human form showing us that while yes, tough times are hard and icky – they don’t last.   In fact, those mountains help us become stronger, wiser……. it’s in this process that we become warriors!

A scar on his chest is a reminder of his battle wound, but the inspiration he’s left in my heart is what has helped me in my own mountain climbing journey.   (Thanks Dad!)

I am so excited to announce that The Sweet Hive will be debuting its new fall collection next month with new fall colors and vintage flannel in a new collection called The Warrior Collection, dedicated to all the warriors who are climbing mountains, fighting for their dream and loving/trusting God through it all.  I’m super excited and I can’t wait to share with you!




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