One with the Hive

 I’ve always loved to shop.  I love clothes and I’ve always been a natural for putting outfits together.  When I was in my early 20s, I went out – A LOT.  I was constantly at the mall in search of the perfect Saturday outfit.  As I got older, I went out less, but I still loved to shop – I mean, doesn’t every girl? There’s something about a new shirt, new pair of jeans or shoes that gives you an extra confidence boost.

For those of you who know my story, you know that God has been working on me for some time.  I am learning to live on a budget (thanks Ramsey Solutions) for some time now.  While I always had a budget for shopping, this past year has been a challenge for us financially as we settled into our new norm.  I left my full-time job in November of 2017 and things had to change if we were going to survive financially.  Cuts were made and we had to learn how to rely on less income.  One thing that had to go completely was shopping – which didn’t just include clothing, but things for the house, or anything that seemed like a good deal. 

As I look back, it doesn’t really seem like a struggle.  I suppose it’s because I had no choice.  While I always felt like I was a thrifty shopper, I wasn’t use to saying no to bargains and extras. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Money Saving Mom where I learned new tips on cutting back and reducing our grocery bills. (She even notified me about FREE Apple camps for my daughter this summer.)  I also choose to stay away from my personal social media afraid I would get caught up in what everyone else was doing/going and feel bad about my circumstance.  I learned to cut costs (even more than I already knew how to) and found ways to save money through cash back apps like Ibotta.  Quick story: I recently cashed out $20 from the Ibotta app that allowed me extra money to purchase a pair of sandals I had been wanting.  #winning

I say all of that to let you know that during this season of drought, God taught me a lot.  He showed me that I didn’t need to have a new outfit every week to feel better about myself.  Instead, he showed me that if I am following my passion and purpose in life, I will always be fulfilled with exactly what I need. Of course, there are times I want to go shopping and yes, there are times I am standing in my closet and I hate that I am wearing the same old thing yet again, but I’m grateful now, because that’s how I discovered earrings.  

When I did my Flea Style show back in April, I wore one of my dreamer denim shirts, but I wanted to jazz up my outfit.  My husband surprised me with a congratulatory gift, a pair of earrings I had seen at Target.  They cost just around $10 and wow, they completed the outfit.  Since then, I’ve bought two pair of tassel earrings that have helped me fluff up my wardrobe without (1) spending a fortune  (2) having to buy new clothes every month or (3) feeling like I’m wearing the same outfit all the time. 

A pair of earrings got me excited about wearing what I had in my closest.  I could now “dress up” even a simple t-shirt and jeans with some cute earrings. During this time, God gave me a nudge about selling earrings, but I ignored it thinking he was speaking to the wrong person - after all, I know nothing about making or selling jewelry.  And then, during a vendor event in June, I had two friends/vendors tell me that they loved my earrings and encouraged me to sell them as part of my business.  I chuckled knowing that God used them as additional confirmation, yet I was still overwhelmed at the thought of diving into something I knew nothing about.  But, you guys know, when God calls, I’ve learned to roll with the punches and trust him.

I am so proud to introduce the latest addition to the Dreamer Collection, a beautiful hexagon tassel earring, that represents more than just beauty, but hard work, tons of faith and a reminder of God's promises.  Available in a rainbow of colors ranging from honey gold to lovely lavender, they will compliment any outfit and most importantly, any dreamer. 


What do the dreamer earrings represent?

A dreamer is like the bee.  She works hard to make her craft, but she also deposits into others by helping them bloom. She gives more than she takes and even though life can get crazy, her trust is in the Lord.  

Are you a dreamer?  Girl, I got you covered.  Proudly wear (or gift) these hexagon tassel earrings!  They represent dreams, hard work and faith.  The hexagon symbol is found in the formation of the honeycomb and is associated with bees and their cooperative, hardworking nature.  Many say the hexagon symbolizes communication, balance and union.  As dreamers, we represent just that!

My hope is that when you wear these earrings people recognize that you are a part of the hive - the dreamer hive!  



July 26, 2018 — Vickie Mireles
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