Not Everyone Likes Ragu


A couple of weeks ago a few of my girlfriends and I met for coffee after work. A mid-week catch up was just what we needed. Our corner at the local Starbucks was snug, but as our circle grew, we adjusted our chairs and made room for everyone. We sipped on lattes, laughed, vented and enjoyed each other’s company. We all had a seat at the table and we all had something to share.

When I first began dreaming of starting my own business, I wasn’t aware that so many people were already doing the very thing that was placed in my heart. As I skimmed through the competition, my confidence began to dwindle. Their websites were amazing, their products and designs were exceptional and don’t get me started on their large group of followers. I began to overwhelm myself with doubt. Where do I fit in? How will my business stand out among all the others? I thought I had so much to impart, but turns out so many other people were already doing it and they doing it well.

In April of this year, my sister in law, Rita and I attended Christy Wright’s One Day Business Boutique in San Antonio. You guys, Rita gets me. We both want to do the very thing God has called us to do, but fear, insecurity and lack always gets the best of us. As we sat in the auditorium listening to Christy speak, we couldn’t help but look at each other with excitement. Turns out two women who felt called to do something out of their comfort zone, knowledge or qualifications multiplied into several hundred women, who were all receiving the very answers, guidance and encouragement they so desperately needed.

Christy not only gave me the tools to build a brand, she lifted my downcast spirit by sharing a story I will never forget. Christy once felt discouraged just as I had months earlier. She wanted to give up when someone else was already doing the very thing she wanted to do. In the midst of her fear, doubt and intimidation, God assured her, “There’s room for you too.” I couldn’t help but feel God speak directly to me. Of course, there is room for me. God wouldn’t have placed this calling in my heart if he didn’t have a purpose behind it. And the same goes for you. What God placed in your heart is only something YOU can do. And yes, you could argue that there are tons of make -up artists, bloggers or photographers, however, you and only YOU can make an impact on someone who would otherwise never be reached by your competition.

Shortly after we returned to Dallas, I received a text from Rita. She had her a–ha moment in the spaghetti aisle at Tom Thumb. “I finally get it. Not everyone likes Ragu!” Attached was a picture of the spaghetti sauce aisle at Tom Thumb. Several sauces ranging from Ragu, to Prego and Bertolli filled the shelves. Not everyone likes Ragu, that’s why there are other brands who fill a purpose for a specific consumer. Rita uses Ragu, but I use Newman’s Own. If all the other brands gave up because of their competition, would you have your favorite spaghetti sauce?


Just like my coffee date with friends, you can pull up a chair and find room even in the most snug corner of an industry. Remember, not everyone likes Ragu, so go out there and follow your calling.

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