Greater Things Have Yet To Come

We meet again.

Saying goodbye to one year, while excitedly anticipating what’s to come in the new.

As I lovingly hug this last day of 2018, I can’t help but reflect on all the lessons, the season of growth, the season of loss and how God continued to show that He is so beautifully amazing.  He used all the things that hurt like hell to help me bloom.  He used the highs to keep me going and he wrapped me around the loveliest of friends and family to flourish next to. 

I’m not sure if you remember, but at this very time last year, I had no job.  Not even a potential interview.  Nothing.  

Talk about uncertainty.

The whole year seemed like a long season of waiting and expecting God to do big things in and through me.  I recently feel like I’ve lost track of that girl.  The girl who knows in her heart that God’s timing is best.  There’s no need to rush anything. 

I remember the day when I didn’t have money in the budget to go buy anything, not even a pedicure. 

And now, things are not that tough. 

I remember the loss of my baby boy, Reus.

And now, I have TWO pups including the missing one to cuddle with this New Year’s Eve.

That brings me to tears.

On pen and paper, my business isn’t knocking it out of the park, but it’s also not suffering.  There’s still so much to learn, to do, to experience. 

I may have not exceeded in all the areas I was hoping in 2018, but nonetheless, I survived everything that was thrown my way. 

I endured more than I thought I could. 

And that may be just the very thing God wanted me to tackle.

I have so much hope for 2019 – more apparel to share our message of hope, more donations to give back to Dallas DogRRR (by the way, THANK YOU!  We were able to give hundreds of dollars this year to this organization and we started mid-year!) more lives to touch, more lessons to be learned, more growth and wisdom. 

It’s all an adventure and I would argue that perhaps the tough moments of the year were the most beautiful.

Happy New Year friends!  Thank you so much for your support this year. 

Greater things have yet to come.


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December 31, 2018 — Vickie Mireles
Tags: faith warrior

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