Currently, the weather is somewhere in the low 50’s.  It’s rainy, cloudy and windy.  Surprisingly enough, I’m loving this weather.   I know most people would say they dislike or even hate it, but I am embracing the new season. 

Similarly, I’m welcoming the new season in my life as a business owner with open arms.  The next few months, while terrifying, will be my busiest of the year.  I have tons of markets I’ll be attending including two-day Boho Markets in November and December, Flea Style Fall Show and a new show in both Waco, TX and Saint Jo, Texas.  I’m equally nervous and excited.

To prepare myself for the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year, I’m working on me.  I know not everyone who reads this lives the same life as me, but I know we all juggle a lot.  Whether it’s a stressful full-time job, kids, pets, obligations, friends/family, commitments, etc., we all have a lot on our plate.  With the holidays approaching, we can either run on fumes or learn to prepare ourselves like an athlete to finish the 2018 race with a bang. 

So, ladies (and gentlemen), I’m sharing some tips on how I’m prepping my body and mind for the end of the year.

Time Management

I’ve got a lot going on, as I know many of you do.  Both my husband and I have businesses we are trying to get off the ground, which means, our weekends can get full.  If I don’t have an event, we typically have one scheduled for Hive Coffee Co, which means, we have a lot to prepare for during the week and on weekends.  That’s why I use (and love) Google Calendar.  Every school reminder, every market, every birthday, every commitment is all tracked online.  This means, I’ll receive a reminder on my phone so I never forget.  Additionally, I’m able to look at the month in its entirety without double booking or wondering what lies ahead for the week.  Both personal and business are tracked and color coded, so I can stay on top of it all.  This tool is FREE, and you can use on both desktop and through an app on your phone.


With so much on my plate, it’s easy to want to skip through serving or attending church.  But as a family, we’ve decided that if anything must go, it will never be church.  Church is a priority for us, even on the days where we are so tired.  Not only do we start our week serving others, but we are able to push pause on all that we have going and fix our eyes on God and his house.  Additionally, seeking God throughout the week is vital.  Whether it’s a free bible study through Horacio Printing, or a bible study through the Bible app, a sermon from Elevation Church or through prayer and meditation, my time with God doesn’t end on Sunday. Anytime I feel off track, I know it's because I'm steering away from what is most important and that is my relationship with my creator. 


I don’t have a business degree, so trying to manage through this new-found career,  things can get tough.  There’s so much I have yet to learn, that’s why I listen to a podcast a day (at least).  I recently posted some of my favorites on my Instagram stories which include Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis, Business Boutique with Christy Wright, Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, NPR How I Built This, Elevation Church with Steven Furtick and The Tony Robbins podcast among a few others.  I once heard that all the information we ever needed can be found on the internet for FREE.  Many of the things I’ve learned have been through hours upon hours of education and mentorship from people who don’t even know I exist!  I bet whatever dream you have in your heart, you can find a blog, an article or podcast on the internet for FREE. 


I’ve finally committed to an exercise program that I not only love, but I look forward to.  It has helped me sleep better (no more melatonin), increased my energy (no more wanting to just flop on the couch after work), increased my peace (bye anxiety), improved my confidence and I feel so accomplished after every workout.  Seriously, it has made a world of a difference. 

If you are not working out, even if it’s just walking, do yourself a favor and start now!  With the holidays approaching, so much yummy but calorie infested food will be at your doorstep.  

Having Fun

With a full schedule and plate, I forget to have fun.  Lately, I’ve been creeping out of my boring “get things done first” attitude, to stop and smell the roses.  It could be trying something new and thrilling like zip lining or something simple like watching a funny movie.  (My current recommendation is Game Night with Rachel McAdams.)  You can work hard, but still make time to have fun, laugh and enjoy yourself.

Jam Sessions

I learned from Rachel Hollis to create a playlist with music that would help when (1) I’m unmotivated (2) need an energy boost or (3) to calm my anxiety.  I’ve created a few playlists that help with just that.  If you want to know my favorite songs that help with what I mentioned above, you can follow me on Spotify at The Sweet Hive.


Shop Small

This year I'm planning to support small businesses for all my holiday shopping.  Not only will I avoid lines and crowds, I will support businesses just like mine that work hard to create one of a kind goodies typically made by hand.  Not only will I find products I can't find in the stores, but you guys, Target nor Walmart do happy dances when I buy from them.  I am choosing to support local small businesses and I hope you do too!  Most small businesses have an online store, so you can do all your shopping from home. (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog featuring all my favorite small businesses.)


You may be sick of me talking about Rachel Hollis, but this lady has helped me big time over the last few months.  Her podcasts, documentary, and now the #Last90DayChallenge have helped me end 2018 with a bang.  What is the Last 90 Day Challenge?  It’s committing to living the last 90 days of this year as hard as you are committed to living the first 30 days of the new year.  Instead of a downhill slide into 2019, you are ramping up. Every Monday I get an email with a weekly themealong with a challenge to focus on.  Additionally, every day we are encouraged to complete the Five to Thrive.  Seriously, this has been LIFE CHANGING.  There is still time to sign up.  Click here for more information.


There are still days where I fall off the wagon but incorporating these tools and tricks into my life have been so helpful.  My hopes are you can use one if not all of these.  I’d love to learn how they are helping you.  And if you know of any great tips for the end of the year, please feel free to share. 

October 17, 2018 — Vickie Mireles

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