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Christmas Miracle

Originally written in December 2019

My sister in law is a HUGE Christmas Hallmark movie fan.  She has the app and even created a spreadsheet of all the movies she watches in December.  I recently heard that Hallmark Christmas movies are at an all time high in popularity because people find joy in stepping out of reality to watch a feel-good movie filled with Christmas miracles, falling in love and all the good things. 

However, sometimes God sends us our own Christmas movie to be played out in real life. Let me tell you more.

The holidays are a busy time for my business and  for my husband’s business.  The drop in temperature gets everyone ready for a warm drink in hand.  In case you didn’t know, he owns a mobile espresso bar (Hive Coffee Co.) where he sets up at parties, weddings, corporate events and so much more.  Ever since I lost my job, we have been walking a tightrope.  We have the same set of bills but have lost the financial security.  It’s been a season of fully relying on God to be our provision.  That doesn’t mean we sit around and wait for cash to fall from the sky.  We work.  He works his full-time job, while helping me on weekends at my markets and still manages to squeeze in an event or two with his coffee business.  It can be a lot sometimes, but every opportunity is a blessing.

Not too long ago we were both set up at an event, which I love because it means we get to live out our dreams simultaneously.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but it’s beautiful.  I love seeing him live out his dream and do what he was created to do.  However, what was an opportunity for provision turned out to be a setback and loss - my husband was never paid for his services that day. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a month.

As we began stressing out over the problem and even arguing with each other, one of my Christmas decorations fell in my living room.  A loud thud stopped us.  In that moment I knew it was a sign.  I went back to my husband and said, “Okay, this is a sign.  I think God wants us to stop stressing and just let it go.”  So, we did.  We knew we weren’t going to receive the money.  

Other things played out that week which disappointed me. I was angry.  I was so discouraged.  How could this be happening? 

I tried my best to rely on God to fight this battle, but it was hard.  I wrote in my journal that morning, “Lord, I feel so stressed, so ready to give up.  I pray for my heart to hold no resentment or hate. I want to stand up for myself and family. God, I know you are faithful. It’s hard, uncomfortable, unsteady.  I know I can’t give up, but not knowing scares me.  We’ve lost money and an opportunity to make money.  Lord, send me a miracle.  I want to keep on keeping on.  I know you have a coffee house for us.  I know you have a plan and future.  I ask that you give me the strength to keep going.  I know you are able.”

Our setback was only a setup for what God was about to do.  I had retracted from an opportunity to set up for my final market of the year, only to be given a FREE opportunity, not just for me, but for my husband.    I also received income that I was not expecting and received the loveliest of emails from a follower on social media.  While I thought all those blessings were already making me whole, I was not prepared for what God was about to do next. 

Typically, Sunday markets are a bit slower than Saturday markets.  I didn’t ask for help for this market, nor did my husband, because we figured we could manage on our own.  Boy, were we wrong!

The market had not even started, and swarms of people were flocking in and out of my booth.  For the next four hours, there would be no break. The weather was gorgeous, the customers were amazing, and I held back from crying, but lost it when I heard a couple of girls say, “We tried to get coffee from Hive Coffee, but he ran out.” 

Let me just say normally my husband and I are right next to each other at these markets, but this time we were on opposite ends.  I had no idea how he was doing and when I heard that combined with looking at my empty racks, I cried with those three girls. I very quickly shared how good God is.  I told them that someone didn’t pay him, and God sent this FREE opportunity and now, here he was completely sold out. 


When we finally saw each other, I ran in his arms and started crying.  We shared our amazing sales for the day.  We packed up our trailer, picked up our daughter and made a pit stop to Pie Five for dinner.  I waited in the car.  I had been sick that weekend and finally allowed my body to let go now that I was done with markets for the year. 

I still couldn’t get over the miracle I had experienced, and I was in the car crying, praying and just telling God how thankful I was.  Through the snot and tears, I looked over to a billboard that said, “MIC DROP” and felt an impression from God.  How funny you are God.  Yes, you out did yourself.  You made us more than whole.

If you’ve been wronged by anyone, don’t lose heart.  Your miracle is coming.  Believe that God will not only make you whole but give you more than you lost.  He’s a good God.

Just like you I have my moments where the stress gets to be too much, and the discouragement is more than I can take.  Keep talking to him, keep reaching out to him.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Even in the moments where it seems like hope is gone, look again.  Stay encouraged.  Don’t give in to revenge.  Don’t stay down.  He has opportunities for you if you keep on keeping on.

Merry Christmas my friends.  I pray you enjoy the day with family and friends and remember that this day is a celebration of HOPE!
Your friend and fellow dreamer,


Disclaimer: My husband was recently paid for that event on July 4, 2021

July 06, 2021 — Vickie Mireles

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